Through a variety of art applications, Extreme can convert the most extreme thought into reality -no matter the size or the functionality. we have the  capability to craft the most detailed art with any type of finishes ranging from textured, matte finish & super – high gloss finish & super – high gloss finish. taking its customers to a niche.



Every project starts with an idea. Here our creative department conceptualizes your ideas & visions to make it into a reality. At this point we translate your idea into a sketch , design or full concept in 2D and 3D. This process evolves into a source of reference for design and construction, a measuring stick for the completed project.


Once the creative thinking is done, our 3D designers get to work. Their knowledge with different softwares & designing techniques are remarkable. From creating 3D files to full blown renders- extreme does it all. Our team has on going training to upgrade their skills and keep up to date with new techniques & software’s in the field.


At Extreme’s production house, our talented artisan of this craft include: painters, designers, sculptors, mechanical engineers, & electrical engineers. Due to our talented team, we can work on multiple large scale products at once. There is EXTREME talent under this roof. We only use the highest quality materials & tools from the most regarded suppliers across the globe. Only the best makes its way into our studio and into your product.


Extreme is an exciting 3-Dimensional thematic design company based in India & U.S.A. Which specialize in designing and creating a variety of 3D artefacts. Through 3D displays, Extreme can convert the most extreme thought into reality- no matter the size or the functionality. Extreme works with organizations in all parts of the world: From U.S.A. to India. Extreme derives resources from five locations across the globe. Whether its dynamic, contemporary or classic designs, we hope to be the leaders in the innovation of both artistry and craftsmanship in 3D designing and theme based designing.
Extreme is a part of East India group, which has been in the manufacturing industry for over 4 Decades.It’s basically in our blood. The group works with companies across the globe with its manufacturing & production units in India.The group’s turnover is approximately 150 Million  USD.

We Tailor Your Style

We don’t want you to spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. Creativity is abstract and free-flowing. Let’s keep it that way. Simple. Extreme takes pride in finishing over 422 ideas that our customers started. Quite literally, we have earned the distinction to ask them to imagine in their world and create it in ours.

We Love Your Brand

Your brand should be the talk of the town. Not one town but every town. We love it that much.
Because Extreme works with organizations in all parts of the world from U.S.A. to India catering to all kinds of industries & clientele. Your company’s logo, mascot, products and brand icons deserve to be showcased in a three-dimensional style that’s bigger-than-life. Extreme makes it happen, and even better than you imagined.

We Strive for Excellence

Excellence is a habit and not an act. And every habit comes with repetition.
Extreme has finished the jobs more than 6022 times to make it just more than a habit. And because we like what we do, we make it a point of bringing smiles to the world through artistry. To achieve that, customer-relations always remain our top priority. We seek to help our clients achieve their creative potential using our craftsmanship in 3D and theme-based designing


If  You Can Imagine It , We Can Create It…..

We are Designing & Fabricators of the Most Innovative 3D Props & Artfacts Extreme is an Exciting 3D Thematic Design Company based in INDIA & U.S.A. Extreme Specialises in 3D Themed based Props & large scale set designing. Our Production Team Consist us Artist W / BFA & MFA Degrees.




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